You got a play with exanic-replay

exanic-replay — A PCAP Network Traffic Replay Tool for Linux and Windows designed for ExaNICs.

In addition, it allows for specifying the message rate. It supports both Windows and Linux.

Reading packets into memory
Read 13000 packets into memory
Thread 0> Packets: 130000
Thread 0> Skipped Packets: 0
Thread 0> Bytes: 662360000
Thread 0> Rate: 0.21 Mpps
Thread 0> Throughput: 9.382 Gbps in 5.648 secs
Reading packets into memory
Read 130 packets into memory
[0] Pinned to CPU 0 [Core 1]
[1] Pinned to CPU 1 [Core 2]
Opening Device exanic0
Opening Device exanic0
Thread 1> Packets: 1300000
Thread 1> Skipped Packets: 0
Thread 1> Bytes: 6623600000
Thread 1> Rate: 0.12 Mpps
Thread 1> Throughput: 4.973 Gbps in 10.655 secs
Thread 0> Packets: 1300000
Thread 0> Skipped Packets: 0
Thread 0> Bytes: 6623600000
Thread 0> Rate: 0.12 Mpps
Thread 0> Throughput: 4.973 Gbps in 10.656 secs

Aggregate packet send information for 2 threads:
All threads> Packets: 2600000
All threads> Skipped Packets: 0
All threads> Bytes: 13247200000
All threads> Rate: 0.24 Mpps
All threads> Throughput: 9.946 Gbps in 10.656 secs
Usage: exanic_replay [options] <file.pcap>
-v: Print verbose output
-d <device>: ExaNIC Device to use [exanic0]
-p <port>: ExaNIC port number to use [0]
-m: Prefetch pcap data into memory first
-n <count>: Maximum number of packets to send from pcap file
-t <nthreads>: Number of threads to concurrently send (max: 8)
-i <iters>: Number of times to replay the file on each thread
-r <x.y>: Replay at x.y Gbits/s (per thread, not aggregate)
-R <x.y>: Replay at x.y Mpps (per thread, not aggregate)
-z: Replay according to packet timestamp



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