Support for 25GbE is available on ExaNIC X25

exanic-replay.exe -t 4 -i 1000 -m f.pcap
Reading packets into memory
Aggregate packet send information for 4 threads:
All threads> Packets: 8400000
All threads> Skipped Packets: 0
All threads> Bytes: 11593600000
All threads> Rate: 2.22 Mpps
All threads> Throughput: 24.226 Gbps in 3.782 secs
C:\ExaNIC\bin>fsock_msink.exe -l -D
fsock_msink.exe[5388] FSOCK 4.002–0007–08222021 Copyright NEIO Systems, Ltd. 2020–2021
2148399 pkts in 1.017 secs (drops 0), BW (Gbps): 23.699
2148739 pkts in 1.016 secs (drops 0), BW (Gbps): 24.200
2148590 pkts in 1.015 secs (drops 0), BW (Gbps): 24.210



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NEIO Systems, Ltd.

NEIO Systems, Ltd.

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